3 Reasons Why Professional Videography Matters

Professional videography is a requirement in today’s media-driven age.  As a company marketer or business owner, you may have initiatives to drive sales or brand awareness. A video, as you are likely aware, is the best way to generate engagement. You’re only as good as the tools you use, and with inadequate equipment and unskilled workers, your production will look amateurish. The result will only hurt your brand. Here are the three reasons why professional videography matters for your company: The Cost: Professional video companies … Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Professional Videography Matters”

Effectiveness of Entertaining Ads

Effectiveness of Entertaining Ads. “I don’t like when ads take matters too seriously,” I hear echo in from the other room from a heated discussion about unimaginative car commercials. “Yeah,” another adds, “If it’s not clever it’s not worth it.” Talking geckos, dancing ponies, and wordplay (think Kmart’s “Ship my pants”) – these are the marks of modern age advertising. Advertising isn’t just about products. Viewers want to be entertained. Why the long face? While the desire for entertainment is not new, the recent trend … Continue reading “Effectiveness of Entertaining Ads”