Media Buying for 2018

Media buying in 2018 can be a confusing and challenging part of advertising for business owners to navigate. There’s choosing the right stations and what spots to purchase. Then most importantly comes negotiating prices for the desired spots. the inexperienced buyer can easily get lost in the weeds and end up paying extra or not … Continue reading “Media Buying for 2018”

Digital Advertising Campaign: 3 Reasons to Develop One

Digital advertising has taken the marketing world by storm over the last couple decades. Traditional methods like television spots, mailers, and print advertisements will likely be around for a while. However, there is a clear shift in the world of marketing to internet-based advertisements. Banner ads, online video commercials, streaming services, and search engine optimization … Continue reading “Digital Advertising Campaign: 3 Reasons to Develop One”

Bad Advertising Effects

Bad Advertising: Businesses and marketing firms understand that bad advertising effects can destroy market share. The goal of advertising is obvious, to heighten engagement, increase online / in-store traffic, improve profits, and take over more market share. Many times, advertising campaigns miss their intended mark. Instead end up evolving throughout time based on social feedback, … Continue reading “Bad Advertising Effects”