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At Amped, we're much more than a digital marketing agency because we consider the psychology of consumer decision-making before every campaign. When seeking a product or service, consumers respond based on decision-making psychological factors which are influenced by branding and advertising. Humans are hardwired to consume and as a result...

our strategies respond to the psychology of consumer decision making.

At Amped, we utilize the most current research and our professional experience to understand complex consumer behaviors. We then target specific demographics in the most effective way possible to maximize advertising efficiencies. We have figured out the formula of how to launch products, brands and other marketing services successfully.




Your consumers form an opinion about your business in milliseconds.

It better look good.


Located in Tucson, Arizona, Amped Marketing & Advertising Agency is a multi-disciplinary marketing studio. We work with clients nationally and locally, on an individual basis to fulfill their marketing needs and make their businesses successful. Browse our portfolio below.

Traditional Marketing

While digital marketing is a growing trend, traditional marketing is an important part of promoting your products or services. Traditional advertising includes forms of advertisement that companies have used for decades. These include print media and print advertising such as business cards, billboard advertisements, flyers, and magazine or newspaper ads. This can also include multimedia such as television adverts and radio advertisements.

Here at Amped, we strive to promote your business from many different angles and are experts in traditional marketing methods. We assist you with effective branding strategies, including designing a logo and ensuring that your brand is consistent across all platforms. This logo can then be incorporated into posters, billboards, or business cards. If you partner with Amped, you will have a strong brand and will gain business. Our graphic design team will ensure that all of your advertisements are visually appealing. We also create our print ads and other media based on psychology, so you know that you will attract consumers.

We not only specialize in print advertising, but also work with traditional forms of multimedia. If you need a television commercial, our video production team is top notch and will create amazing content for your business. Since we cooperate with you on every step of the process, you can be sure your commercials will attract attention. Even in the age of online marketing, traditional video advertisements still influence customers.

We work with small businesses and large companies, so whatever your traditional marketing needs are, Amped is here to help. Contact us today to start a project! We will create the perfect mix of traditional and digital advertising methods to suit your needs.

Digital Marketing

As consumers spend more and more time online, digital marketing has become essential to running a successful business. Most customers will interact with a business for the first time online, whether this is through the company’s web page or through social media or blog posts. To sell your products and services, you need an effective digital marketing strategy. Amped is here to help you step up your digital advertising and gain business.

One of the most prominent forms of online marketing and online advertising is social media marketing. Companies with effective social media campaigns keep consumers engaged and interested. At Amped, we are dedicated to creating an effective social media marketing strategy for your company. Beyond social media platforms, your web page is likely a customer’s first impression of your company. You want to make sure this first impression is flawless, and Amped can make that happen. We are experienced in web development and website design, and will create a gorgeous website to draw in new customers.

Your website should not only be well-designed, but also easy to find. This is why search engine marketing/SEM is essential. However, search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, might be difficult to apply on your own. Amped’s team of SEO experts will ensure that your website appears high in the search results across various search engines. We use extensive keyword research and other SEO strategies to ensure that the right customers find you online.

Whatever sort of advertising campaign you want to create, Amped is up to the task. As your premier Tucson marketing agency, we want to help your business shine bright. Contact us today, and we will combine traditional and digital marketing to bring customers to you!


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