At Amped, we're much more than a digital marketing agency because we consider the psychology of consumer decision-making before every campaign. When seeking a product or service, consumers respond based on decision-making psychological factors which are influenced by branding and advertising. Humans are hardwired to consume and as a result...

our strategies respond to the psychology of consumer decision making.

At Amped, we utilize the most current research and our professional experience to understand complex consumer behaviors. We then target specific demographics in the most effective way possible to maximize advertising efficiencies. We have figured out the formula of how to launch products, brands and other marketing services successfully.




Your consumers form an opinion about your business in milliseconds.

It better look good.


Located in Tucson, Arizona, Amped Marketing & Advertising Agency is a multi-disciplinary marketing studio. We work with clients nationally and locally, on an individual basis to fulfill their marketing needs and make their businesses successful. Browse our portfolio below.

– Robert Grabb | Attorney | Grabb & Durando

“Amped redesigned our website with a fresh, interactive design that speaks to our clients. Working with Amped was exactly what we wanted from an advertising agency. Their team was highly responsive, creative, and were always on hand to answer any questions or queries we had.”

- Robert Grabb | Attorney | Grabb & Durando

T. Street – Client

“We shopped around a lot of agencies in southern Arizona, Amped was by far the most professional and friendly. They work nationally with clients but they also work with local businesses, we correspond with them a lot if we have any questions or requests and they always accommodate us. I would definitely recommend Amped for any business no matter the size.”

- T. Street - Client

B. Thompson – Client

“Working with Amped was a pleasure, their design team exceeded our expectations and we have had many customers comment on our new website and branding. We were very happy with the service and they were happy to work with us and our vision.”

- B. Thompson - Client


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