Top 3 Reasons to Buy Media Through an Agency

Once you have created the perfect advertisement, the next step is to place your ad with the proper media outlet. This is true whether you are working with a print ad in newspaper/magazines or if you have a television or over-the-top advertisement. Media buying is an essential step in your advertising strategy. It won’t matter how fantastic your print or television advertisements are if your potential customers do not see them. Although you may be tempted to buy ad time/space directly from media companies, this is … Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons to Buy Media Through an Agency”

Media Buying for 2018

Media buying in 2018 can be a confusing and challenging part of advertising for business owners to navigate. There’s choosing the right stations and what spots to purchase. Then most importantly comes negotiating prices for the desired spots. the inexperienced buyer can easily get lost in the weeds and end up paying extra or not receiving beneficial placement. Luckily, there are media buying companies that specialize in precisely this that can help you ensure your television commercials or radio advertisements get to your potential customers … Continue reading “Media Buying for 2018”

Direct Media vs. Agency Placement

Should you buy your own media or work with an agency on placement? If you run a business you may be considering placing an ad to attract new customers. The question then arises: should I place a media but directly through a potential media partner (TV station, Website, Radio Station, Print Publication) or contact an advertising agency? As tempting as it is to “cut out the middleman” (in the parlance of classic American ad lingo) the latter option is any business owner’s best bet. Why … Continue reading “Direct Media vs. Agency Placement”