Media Buying for 2018

Stylized image of a shopping cart with media logos to represent media buying

Media buying in 2018 can be a confusing and challenging part of advertising for business owners to navigate. There’s choosing the right stations and what spots to purchase. Then most importantly comes negotiating prices for the desired spots. the inexperienced buyer can easily get lost in the weeds and end up paying extra or not receiving beneficial placement. Luckily, there are media buying companies that specialize in precisely this that can help you ensure your television commercials or radio advertisements get to your potential customers most efficiently. What follows are three ways a media buying company is beneficial to a business.

#1: Expert negotiating tactics

Television and radio ads can vary in price dramatically based on a variety of factors. The location, network, airtime, and accompanying programming can all factor into a media buy’s final price. While these factors do change an average price and provide a framework from which a station will base their offers, these can always be negotiated. A professional media buyer is an expert when it comes to this. A skilled media buyer knows all the ins and outs of a region’s pricing. They will be able to find a business the best placements to promote their product or service. Most importantly, while staying within the projected budget. They are masters in getting a lower price than an individual as they have various other clients with the station, and thus more negotiating power.

#2: Extensive network and demographic knowledge

A media buying expert’s job is to know everything there is to know about regional channels. From demographics to prices as well as what promotions are offered. They use this knowledge to purchase the most efficient schedules for a business. A novice may only understand some simple demographic information. Many small businesses which purchase local television and radio advertising are not experts in the field and therefore may not be getting the best deal. Would you ask the medical advice of your plumber? A media buyer can help a business by targeting the right demographic audience.

#3: They work for the client, not the station

Station sales representatives will be happy to sell directly to small businesses with little knowledge of the media buying industry. For the reason that these company representatives work on commission. When someone walks in asking to buy spots without expertise in such a field, they will consistently upcharge. A small business owner armed with information beforehand does not have the negotiating power and rapport that a professional media buyer will. Media buyers work for their clients, not for the stations. Businesses can rest assured that an honest media buyer will find them the most effective schedule. With their allocated budget being designed and structured for maximum effectiveness.

The world of media buying can be a confusing one that might turn small businesses off of the idea of creating and airing radio and television ads. Finally with an experienced media buying company as a partner, we can offer full disclosure. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we will make sure your company has beautifully crafted television and radio ads. Even more, promising that we will get in front of your target demographics, as a result, our goal is to increase your sales. Contact us at 520.777.8309, one of our professionals would love the opportunity to speak with you.