Top 3 Reasons Why Web Design is Important

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Top 3 Reasons Why Web Design Is Important

With 2019 around the corner, a well thought out and beautiful web design is the most effective marketing tool you can have in your arsenal.  When you have a website that is built on a consumer-guided infrastructure, optimized to generate more clients, your business can align its goals with real results. Focusing on the key factors which influence your consumers is how you can tailor a well-built website for digital marketing success.

The average American visits thousands of websites per year. In today’s digital world, a fast loading page, intuitive guided navigations along with stunning, sleek designs are what users expect. As a result, confidence in your company will mirror what they see online. Structuring web design to fit this model is imperative for success. Based on our multi-screen society, you need to make sure your site is built around this behavior. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, or the latest browsers, chances are you’ll lose out on leads and even sales.

First of all, in order for your company to evolve, you have to outline specific sales and marketing goals.  After that, carefully mapping out how your web design will reflect the goals is imperative for digital marketing ROI.

Make the most of your business by keeping it updated and easy to use.  Below are the Top 3 reasons why web design is important going into 2019.

  1. Build a better User experience – To improve website usability for your visitors.

When a visitor has just engaged your website, the navigation or workflow will lead to an emotional experience.  A site that is difficult to navigate, slow in loading or is structured with too much / too little content will turn off the majority of users. The main reasons to improve a site is to update the usability and flexibility of the user. Internal marketing teams will benefit as well by improving the bounce rate, eliminating outdated 3rd party tools. When you do this try to understand your customers’ behavior, as in what action you would like them to complete, along with a guided call to action. A typical user journey takes into account your customer’s path through your site and keeps them moving along the sales process.

  1. Rebranding – Update your business and marketing goals through web design.

If your website is 3-5 years old, you’re likely behind pace on optimization and design trends. If your website is not your main marketing tool, it could be a sign that you’re not connecting with your audience.  Above all, rebranding or a web design update could help re-align the website with new marketing goals. Being able to communicate brand values better can also help the perception of your company.

  1. SEO Struggles – Not listed on 1st page / Increase the Volume of leads and sales

An updated modern design should be a key factor on why your customer makes a purchasing decision.  Understanding how online algorithms and placement work is one of the main ways to optimize your presence. There is of incredible importance to an organic SEO strategy. The context of the website matter and subtopic themes along with a powerful blog can work wonders. Try structuring strategic content throughout the overall architecture of the site. As in URLs, titles, meta tags, readability, alt text, and H-tags will dictate how efficient the rankings will be. Having a plan during staging and coding prior to launching will help with the way search engine trackers position your site on its the ranking.


The cost of hiring a freelancer for a website redesign can range from a few hundred to thousands. Unfortunately, they almost always use templates to keep the cost down. The next level up is hiring an agency designer to do your website redesign. A good designer will charge from $2,000 to $5,000 for a simple website. Expect a $10,000 to $15,000 price tag for a bigger website with more custom design features. The importance of web design is to make a long-term investment that ROI mirrors on a 10:1 ratio.

If you feel that your website is due for a facelift, or if you’re not getting the desired result from your current design, contact us. As Tucson’s premier marketing agency and creative studio, we can customize a web design that maximizes your reach and aligns with your brand. For a free consultation, call 520.777.8309