OTT Media Services Trending for 2019

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OTT media services have been growing exponentially for the last decade. The platform has been taking the world of film and television by storm and has changed the game forever. However, what exactly is OTT (Over the top) media, and what does its huge presence mean for traditional TV?

Streaming Services:

OTT media is any form of content that is delivered over the internet directly to the consumer. There is no going through a middleman station like a broadcast network or television provider.

These streaming services have been growing in number, scope, and net worth for years. Although this trend began with iTunes as one of the first big players in the world of pay-to-download content, Netflix’s decision to provide a streaming service launched OTT media into the spotlight.

Live Television Streaming:

Today, there are dozens of different streaming services competing for subscriber dollars. Some provide a channel or company-specific content like HBO GO or DC Universe. Others offer live television streaming without the need for a cable package like YouTube TV. Some are even as niche as offering one genre of content, like Shudder, a streaming service that only hosts movies and television shows that fall under the horror and thriller genres.

Even the Disney Company is planning to unveil a Disney-only streaming service and has pulled much of their content from other platforms like Netflix and Hulu as a precursor. So while OTT is an excellent way for consumers only to have to pay for the things they want to watch, there’s some uncertainty about which services will survive and which will shut down after a few years.

Some companies are concerned about the changing climate of television viewers, wondering how advertising will morph to fit what is becoming the new normal. Some streaming services already have advertisements that are incorporated, companies big and small are actively capitalizing on these opportunities.

For example, Hulu now has two versions of their service; one is the premier ad-free version for about $4 more per month than the standard service. At the standard tier, commercial breaks air several times during shows. Commercials are shorter than traditional television breaks- about 90 seconds long rather than several minutes. They are a valuable place to advertise as streaming service customers tend to sit through these shorter commercial blocks. Consumers tend to ignore them or switch channels while on broadcast television. Many of these services, including Hulu, are also no stranger to local advertisements. Whatever the scope of a business, streaming services are a viable option for commercial spots.

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