OTT Media Services Trending for 2022

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OTT (Over the Top) media streaming services have been growing at a very fast rate for the last decade. Users access these services through smart TVs, game consoles over the Internet.  The OTT apps are accessed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and via websites on personal computers. Live OTT Stream media has been taking the world of film, video, and broadcast television by storm because they avoid traditional cable or satellite pay tv. They have changed the game forever and added tremendous opportunities.

What does, OTT  streaming media services huge presence mean for traditional cable or satellite pay TV?

For consumers, it means not waiting for a movie or tv show to air on a traditional channel. It is the ability to watch tv shows and videos on demand either for free or through a paid subscription.

Streaming Services:

What is OTT? It stands for, Over The Top Media, it is the delivery of TV and Film content over the internet. These OTT streaming media services have simplified the delivery of advertisements through live streams of tv shows and videos on demand over the internet.

Who started the OTT media trend? As far as we know iTunes was the first big player to enter the world of pay-to-download content.  Who followed iTunes? Big players like Netflix and Netflix’s decision to provide a subscription-based streaming service launched OTT media into the spotlight. The subscribers to these OTT services have a video and or show on demand at their fingertips on their PCs, mobile devices, game consoles, and Smart TVs..

Live Television Streaming and Video  Service on Demand:

Do you know that today, there are dozens of different OTT streaming video services competing for these subscription-based service dollars? Some of these streaming services provide a channel like HBO GO or DC Universe. Others offer live streaming video on demand, music and TV shows without the need for a cable package like  YouTube TV.

Some even provide a niche by offering one genre of content, like Shudder. Shudder live OTT streaming and video service only hosts movies and television shows that fall under the horror and thriller genres. Should you buy airtime on The Disney+  OTT streaming service to be launched later this year? The answer would be yes if you wish your brand to be seen by this target audience.

Advertising with OTT Media:

Wondering how advertising will change to fit what is becoming the new normal? Some streaming OTT media services already have advertisements that are incorporated within their programming.  Companies big and small are already actively capitalizing on these media streaming opportunities by advertising on these services. Millennials and GENX are the biggest users of streaming devices and today there are more streaming subscribers than paid TV subscribers.

What about Hulu, a popular streaming OTT media service? What kind of streaming service do they provide?  Hulu has two versions of its subscription-based services. One is the premier ad-free version for about $4 more per month than the standard service.

While it is easier for consumers to ignore commercials or switch channels while on traditional broadcast television. Hulu subscribers commercial breaks air several times during shows. Whatever the scope of a business, live streaming services are a viable option for commercial spots.

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