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By tapping into the energy and youth-driven dynamic of Tucson’s newly revitalized business sector, Amped is a premier marketing agency and creative studio that’s poised to offer the best advertising and marketing expertise. In the competitive and evolving world of advertising, no one person is likely to possess all of the skill sets necessary to produce results. Collectively as a team, we have our eyes on the future when we
craft, design, and implement strategic marketing campaigns. We understand that the secret to advertising success is to create synergy between all parties. From business and sales acumen to striking multimedia design and copywriting, we know that the key to any successful campaign is the combination of time-tested skill-sets with an open-mindset towards emerging technologies.
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  • Graphic Designer
  • Director of Technology
  • Visual Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing Strategist


Amped Marketing & Advertising Agency is the Sonoran Desert alternative to the acclaimed “bi-coastal” elite advertising agencies that overcharge coast-to-coast. Located in sunny Tucson, AZ, the Amped team have a combined total of 150 years of advertising experience under their belts.
At Amped, we take the time to understand your requirements. Emphasizing consumer psychology, we “get into the head” of each client’s audience, composing a campaign in reverse: as if we were the target customer seeking a product or service. We are successful in making businesses successful.


Jason founded Amped Marketing with a focus on psychological consumer-based marketing throughout the USA. He has helped businesses of different magnitudes, different industries, across the country build out successful customer acquisition marketing campaigns. Beginning his career at age 14, he created a series of profitable e-commerce businesses which led him to obtain his degree specializing in Business Management and Marketing. Jason on his spare time practices martial arts and loves an extravagantly designed sushi roll.


Jim has an extensive background in buying and planning all types of media across the USA and worldwide. Over the past 35 years, his clients ranged from local businesses to international Fortune 500 companies. Before joining Amped, Jim was the sales manager for a regional Fox affiliate for 15 years. He helped grow both national and local businesses alike. Jim is a dedicated family man to his wife Ana and their two adult children, Matthew who is seeking his master's degree and Jessica who is a news reporter in Sioux City, IA.

Fatima Paclibar - Web Programmer

At an early age, she found a passion for coding and web development while developing professionally. Fatima is our extremely gifted, professional web developer and coder. She oversees various projects of all magnitudes for our clients internationally. From the Philippines, Fatima has enhanced businesses across the globe with brilliant and beautifully structured representations. We are very fortunate to have her on our team. When not deconstructing the Matrix, Fatima enjoys free diving and chasing the sun.

Daniel Rich - Graphic Designer

Daniel began his career working with creative design-build outs for companies in the education and SMB world. From an early age, his passion was in design creations. After graduating from the Art Institute of Tucson, Daniel looked to the world of local businesses to promote and build his craft. Since joining Amped, he has had a direct impact on our most prestigious clients while being an essential member of our team. When he doesn’t have a pen or a mouse in his hand, he is an avid Phoenix Suns fan and enjoys nature walks.


Jenna is a senior at the University of Arizona, studying Communication with a minor in Public Relations. Uncertain about what she wanted to study in college, Jenna decided to major in Communication which is where she found her passion for Marketing. Her passion for Marketing has helped her get experience, knowledge, and even certifications in Google Analytics. Originally from California, Jenna moved to Arizona to attend the University where she met some of her best friends. When she's not working as a marketing intern, she spends her time relaxing at her house with her roommates or hiking on Mount Lemmon.

Jeremy Logsdon - Director of Technology

Originally hailing from Australia, Jeremy has been deeply involved with technology for as long as he can remember. With over 25 years of professional IT experience in system administration and programming and a background in both Aerospace and Accounting, he has worked variously (and in several countries) for Petronas, Boeing, Intuit, Computer Associates, and the US Bureau of Land Management.

Andrew Rosenfeld - Visual Designer

Andrew originally grew up in Tucson, yet shortly after graduating moved to Los Angeles. His career developed in Hollywood by playing a major role in coordinating details for the Oscars, Grammy’s, Kids Choice awards. Along with designing for celebrities like Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, he has also re-branded national companies such as Wet Seal and Tilly’s. Andrew recently decided to move back to the Old Pueblo where he has had a hand in designing Reilly Craft Pizza & the JCC.


Jennifer is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona Honors College, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in French with a minor in creative nonfiction. She has a passion for writing and is fascinated by the ways that written word can influence and affect others. She loves learning new things, and appreciates how content writing allows her to research such a wide variety of topics. Outside of work, she creates creative nonfiction essays, reads, and spends time with her pets.

STEPHENIE TUNTLAND - Marketing Strategist

Stephenie is currently attending the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, studying Marketing with a minor in Global Business. Early in her college career, she was intrigued by how consumers respond to marketing across traditional and digital platforms. Stephenie is excited to gain experience and knowledge in the marketing field through her position with Amped. When she’s not in the office, Stephenie enjoys traveling and watching crime documentaries.

Hannah Evans - Marketing Strategist

Hannah is currently a student at the University of Arizona, where she is majoring in psychology and minoring in business administration. Throughout college, she has been interested in exploring the psychology behind marketing and analyzing consumers’ response to different marketing techniques. Hannah looks forward to gaining more insight into the marketing industry through her position at Amped. When she’s not working, Hannah enjoys exploring everything Tucson has to offer, from its beautiful hiking trails to its delicious restaurants.

Our Clients

As a premier marketing agency, collectively or individually, our team has worked with a diverse mix of businesses and clientele throughout different industries over the past several decades. We pride ourselves in establishing worthy relationships with all clients, past, present, and future. Whether we’re developing out someone’s search engine optimization, building a new digital advertising campaign, or creating amazing visual media like graphics, logos, or commercials, we make sure our clients get the products they need. By combining a client’s business aesthetic with our expertise, we can figure out just how to drive more traffic to their company, whether that be with stunning images or expertly designed strategies. Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses, so we put all our time, effort, and resources into making sure we do everything we can to fulfill that mission.

Our goal as individuals and as a team collectively here at Amped Marketing is to partner side by side with our clients. We want to drive creativity and technology in the future while targeting the exact audience via the media of choice. We strive to create the best possible communication strategies in order to deliver a captivating and compelling message to your potential client base. Whatever sort of marketing you are looking for, we can provide it with our variety of in-house services. We work with your feedback to make a project that you can be proud to associate with your business. Throughout the entire process, we’ll be right beside you, making sure we do everything in our power to exceed expectations and create an incredible advertising campaign for your business.