3 SEO Tips for 2022

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When looking at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) every passing year brings a lot of changes. It will benefit your company to start looking into trends and predicting what the future may hold for SEO and Pay-per-Click (PPC).

Here are three SEO Tips to know for the coming year.

#1: Voice versus typing search and the changing keyword

Searching on the internet involves typing and or speaking which are two very different forms of communication. Speech is a much more fluid form of communication, especially when it comes to searching for something on the internet. Consumers take the time to type and then see their query written out before pressing the search button. By comparison, they will word things differently when are speaking.

These voice queries could come in completely different forms, as well. For example, if someone is trying to figure out how to change his or her date and time settings on their computer, they might type “date and time change on pc/mac.” This will likely bring up their answer in seconds as they used particular keywords that can lead them to the answer. However, say this same person decides to speak this query instead, they might phrase it as: “How do I fix the time on my computer?” This could easily provide results that aren’t related to the actual question at hand and confuse the consumer. However. the move to voice search technology is going to be such a crucial element for SEO experts in the future.

#2: Think bigger than the Big Three Major Search Engines

Google has dominated the search engine, and arguably the internet, for years. Bing and Yahoo come in 2nd & 3rd, making these search engines the big three that people think of when they see SEOs. Businesses and their products need to be visible, discoverable on these top three search engines, as well as other numerous social media platforms as well. Each of these SEO websites has their own algorithms, functions, and search capabilities. Knowledge is key when it comes to these three major search engines.

#3: Breaking into Blockchain

Blockchain can be a confusing concept at first, but it becomes an essential part of any business online as time progresses.  Blockchain is a type of technology that allows Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency transactions to operate in a secure and manageable fashion, and within the system, transactional information is decentralized and made public. This places more power into the hands of consumers and small businesses. Blockchain reduces click fraud, allows for online payments in an extremely secure environment, and in the end saves businesses money. Anyone not using blockchain is missing out on some very worthwhile benefits.

Keeping up with the times and predicting the future of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is not an easy task. If you’re looking to upgrade your digital marketing campaign with a professional strategy, keep your eye on the future of technology. Our in-house SEO experts will ensure that your plan is the best it’s ever been. Contact us today at 520-777-8309.  Learn what Amped Marketing can do for your business.