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Video is the most engaging way to deliver content to your audience.

Using a drone will propel your video to the next level.

Uses for Drone Photography:

  • Real Estate. Traditional photographs can only capture pieces of a home or other property. This means your customers have to scroll through multiple images to see how the property looks as a whole. With aerial photography or videography, it’s possible to capture high-quality images of the whole real estate lot at one time.
  • Recreational Sites. Hiking trails, golf courses, amusement parks, and more: you name it, and we can capture stunning aerial imagery for it! Incorporating aerial photographs or drone videos into your recreational site’s webpage can get customers excited to visit you. This allows them to see all of what you have to offer in ways traditional photographs simply can’t.
  • Commercials. Adding aerial images to your commercials can create a more professional feel. It can also create a sense of adventure. Imagine a sweeping drone shot of your golf course or a slowly rising aerial video of your resort hotel. This gets customers excited to interact with your business and learn more about what you offer.

One of the main advantages of choosing Amped for your drone video needs is that we provide a wide variety of other video production and marketing services. Whatever you need to grow your business, we can work with you. You don’t have to search for multiple companies for each marketing aspect. We integrate aerial photography into your marketing, but this is not all we can offer.

Call us at 520.777.8309 for more information about our drone videography options. We can design, record and visually edit the right sequence to highlight and promote your business in today’s age.