Top 3 Types of Print Advertisements

An open magazine on a desk, showing one of the types of print advertisements

In the age of digital advertising, you may be tempted to neglect print advertisements. Why bother with print when most consumers find you through internet advertising and social media? However, print is still an important medium for advertising your product or service. For starters, demographics is a huge factor in what types of advertisements you should use. If you target millennials exclusively, you may be able to get away with a reduced (but not nonexistent) print presence. However, if you target older consumers, print is a must to reach your potential clients. Looking to amp up your brand message in print, but don’t know where to start? Here are the top 3 types of print media advertisements:

1. Newspapers / Magazines

Print ads in periodicals such as newspapers and magazines are a classic type of advertising media. A well-designed, full-color magazine ad can be absolutely gorgeous. This sort of high-quality graphic design will impress your potential customers and draw them into your business. Newspaper ads may be less visually intricate, but still, require skill to create a compelling design.

Newspapers and magazines are particularly well-suited to local markets. Appearing in a local periodical can boost your brand’s reputation. It’s also important that your ad campaign targets your potential customers in multiple ways. When running print ads along with digital techniques like pay-per-click ads and banner ads on social media, you reach more people who may be interested in your good or service.

2. Mailers

Mailers are advertisements your company sends through the mail to either potential customers or former customers that you would like to return to your business. These can take many forms, such as holiday cards, thank you cards, or coupon books. No matter what type of mailer you send, you want it to be well-designed.

This is another type of advertisement that you may think the advertising industry no longer uses. With email on the rise, many companies assume that they can neglect snail mail. However, if your competitors’ advertising campaigns do not include mailers, this is one area where you can rise above the competition. Mailers can remind your customers of your business at strategic times, such as during the holiday season or after they just made a purchase.

3. Posters

Posters are a large type of print ad. Because the print is larger, it’s even more important that posters have an excellent graphic design and high-quality resolution. At that size, it will be very clear if you did not have a professional create your poster. At the same time, a beautiful, crisp poster sends the right brand message.

Posters can function as an advertisement at bus stops or around your town. You can also use them in your store to market a specific product, service, or special. The advertising message for a poster can be whatever you need. They can be a very memorable type of print advertisement when done correctly.


If you are looking to create an effective ad campaign, these types of print advertisements can help you reach your future customers. Amped can help you create beautiful designs for any kind of print ad you need. Our advertising agency handles every facet of your marketing, with advertising that includes print and digital formats. If you want to build your brand and target diverse markets, contact us today at 520.777.8309 and start a project.

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