Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2022

Image of hands typing on a laptop with social media notifications

In the world we live in today, it is imperative to keep up with social media platforms when focusing on marketing and advertising.  Long gone are the days of just dealing with traditional marketing, the average consumer is online 4 hours per day. Social media is constantly changing and evolving. Consumers every day are discovering new ways on how to use these social media trends.  In 2021, we saw some social media trends that worked for businesses. In 2022 you want to make sure you are up to date on how to leverage your social media platforms successfully.

Here are the Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2022:


Live videos and webinars were influencer marketing trends that we saw all throughout 2021. This social media trend will continue in the future due to its high success rate.  According to research, 80% of consumers prefer to watch a video from a business rather than read a post. This makes sense as videos are fun to watch and take less effort on the audience’s end. Videos are usually more entertaining, engaging, and a lot of times the information is retained better.

When it comes to promoting a business or product, this is an extremely effective way of doing so. Live videos and webinars on social media platforms increase engagement and often lead to consumers sharing the video, leaving a comment or clicking liking the video. The more often videos and webinars occur, the more awareness there will be for your business brand.  This would result in reaching more of your target audience when using all of these media tools.


Have you ever visited a website and seen an icon that says “Let’s Chat!”? That would be called a Chatbot. Chatbots are a way for marketers to engage with customers on a daily basis on their website. It helps businesses start a conversation with a consumer about their product and any questions or concerns they might have.  These Chatbots are a brilliant tool on social media. They read the words typed by the user and create automatic responses instantly. They are interactive an accurate one would think you are really talking to a person.

Chatbots are great media tools because they drive in more sales and increase business profits. In fact, 80% of businesses and marketers are already using or are planning to use chatbots by 2020. This is definitely a good bandwagon to hop on sooner than later.


Social media platforms are using celebrities to promote a product or company.  You can call this celebrity influencer marketing. This is when a company reaches out to someone who is well known in society to basically be the “face” of their product or company. Businesses have realized they receive more engagement and attention from audiences. In turn, they create campaigns that involved an influential person that has many followers on social media.  When done right, having a celebrity endorser can actually positively impact the way people view and feel about a product or business as a whole.

This trend is definitely one we are going to continue seeing in 2022 and beyond.  Influencers can help you reach the target audience you want, build trust in your company, and increase engagement and reach.  It is important to choose, an influencer marketer that loves your product and is excited to become a part of your advertising and  It’s never too late to try it out!

The success of any business depends on being on top of the current social media trends.  At Amped Marketing, we are always up to date on the current social media trends and the latest media tools.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 520.777.8309 as we have all the resources and knowledge you need.  Knowing how to market via social media can do wonders, and now is the right time to make sure you are doing it right!