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Located in Tucson, Arizona, Amped Marketing & Advertising Agency is a multi-disciplinary advertising studio with an emphasis on consumer psychology. We develop a close working relationship with each client by listening to the goals and aspirations for your projects and your business. We believe the key to creating a successful marketing campaign starts with understanding you and all aspects of your business.
Our portfolio shows that we have worked with a broad range of clients from a variety of fields and we are prepared to create campaigns for businesses or products in any sector. Our specialties include multi-media advertising, branding, web design, and video production. However, we are a full-service agency and we work with clients from all over the United States on an individual basis to fulfill their marketing needs.

Select businesses are showcased to detail the different creatives designed based on our consumer strategies.

At Amped Marketing, we strive to make your business a success, listening to your needs and delivering results where it matters. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent, whereas competitors don't. We are always upfront and honest with you. Always going above and beyond to make sure we provide you with the best possible service as a premier agency.

Our team can deliver customized advertising packages for different budgets. We manage traditional and digital marketing aspects for all business types. For example, it could be structuring out traditional print ads such as billboards, business cards, or sales collateral. Then creating TV commercials featuring a new product, and hyper-targeting the specific demographics with casting and filming initiatives. We can design video production for long-term television campaigns or tailor them to a one-time big event your business wants to promote. We at Amped Marketing pride ourselves in delivering results where it matters, for your business.

You can expect customized marketing campaigns that resonate with the intended targeted customer base, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We understand how to intertwine current digital marketing campaigns with traditional advertising strategies to deliver results in today's age. By combining visual beauty, with a modern approach to marketing, we achieve a stunning one of a kind advertisement. Our digital department tailors design creative towards your demographics by using the most up to date behavioral targeting methods. Our goal is to get consumer impressions across your desired market space, from any perspective, that ultimately deliver conversions.

Give us a call us a call at (520)777-8309 for a free consultation, as we would love to sit down with you and find out how we can help design the right vision to propel your business into the future.