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Amped’s SEO Expertise

Amped SEO will launch a campaign to bring in a stream of new visitors to your website, build a framework to sustain a long-term increase in website traffic, and optimize your SEO campaign to convert your traffic into customers. Furthermore, we will manage your campaign, making continual improvements to increase the percentage of your new traffic that turn into paying customers.

First and foremost, we create your website and blogs for your customers. SEO is simply another tool to make sure that your demographic can find you online. We also create an interconnected network of all your online platforms, from social media to blogs to your landing pages.

We can offer search engine optimization services for any and all of these sites, and we cater our SEO to your needs. If you want to be on the first page of Google search results, Amped is the way to go.

Not Just Google

Searches using Bing and Yahoo account for 30% of all searches carried out. If you don’t optimize for Bing and Yahoo you are missing out on 30% of the market. The typical users of Bing and Yahoo age demographics are typically 35 years and older. So this could be a very lucrative market for you.

At Amped, we consider which markets you want to reach, and we optimize your website for those demographics. We optimize your pages for all search engines, and we understand that Google is not the only market you want to reach. We make also use of Google AdWords and Bing Ads to boost your content in multiple markets. From pay per click advertising to using blogs to increase your appearances on the SERP, we do it all.

When you work with Amped to build your website, you can be sure that SEO will be part of the process. Every step of the way, we help you build your business and get the customers you want. Contact us today and start a project, and watch your business soar!

The art of SEO is never “done” the landscape is constantly changing.

It’s not about “getting the traffic”

- it’s about getting the targeted and relevant traffic.

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