Drones – The Future of Advertising

U.A.V (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for entertainment and commercial productions.

The use of U.A.V. or drone technology has emerged at the forefront of contemporary advertising strategy. This is in large part due to the great reduction in expense when compared to traditional aerial filming with helicopters.

Due to the liability insurance that helicopters are required to carry, the costs involved usually skyrocket. In addition to the risk of life & limb driving up the insurance rates, the cost of fuel, maintenance and pilot/crew compensation also have to be figured in. If you plan on making a professional video, you’ll likely have to pay for a gimbal system (in-flight camera turret/stabilization mount) & possibly a film and safety crew as well. Usually, the costs for a helicopter start at $800/hr, with additional services and time running from the moment the chopper leaves the hanger until it powers down.

Remote controlled drones can go where helicopters cannot: from the edge of cliffs, to close-ups of buildings/structures, to shots amongst forest growth, below the tree line. Due to their small size & maneuverability; Drones have made previously impractical shots and angles spectacularly attainable, enriching the possibilities for innovative content with minimal noise and disruption.

Needing a retake of a shot with a helicopter is a big deal. Oftentimes the camera-operator is in the chopper while the director is on the ground. Weather, pilot error and radio miscommunication can make a second-take into a daunting task. With drones, the most you have to do is pop in a new battery.

Amped has the tools for the job-

Amped Advertising has anticipated the trend toward U.A.V. technology. Our agency owns two drone models at your disposal: The Inspire 1 and the Phantom DJI3. Each includes GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to ensure crystal-clear, stable footage. We can capture 360-degree video at resolutions up to 4K (4,096×2,160 pixels) at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps and 12-megapixel stills. Our capabilities range from exterior shots of a commercial real estate and golf-courses. To overhead desert panoramas, to specialty “as-needed” shots required by clients for various purposes.

Speaking of production, capturing the footage is only the beginning. Amped’s team will take that material and add multi-media, written/spoken production as needed to best convey the message. From digital effects to soundscapes, narration/overdubs or virtually anything the client can think of to best impress their target demographic. When it comes to drones, Amped Advertising Agency has you covered!