Digital Advertising Campaign: 3 Reasons to Develop One

Stylized image of digital advertising graph

Digital advertising has taken the marketing world by storm over the last decade. Traditional methods of advertising such as television, radio, the yellow pages, direct mail, and print will continue to be effective in varying degrees. However, there is a clear shift in the world of marketing utilizing internet-based advertisements. Banner ads, online video commercials, streaming services, and search engine optimization strategies are quickly becoming as standard as a television commercial.

Is your business looking to find customers, stay competitive or simply grow? If you’re not doing digital advertising, you’re missing out on a dynamic and cost-effective way to reach your potential customers. Here are three reasons why every business should be investing in digital marketing:

#1: Targeting exact demographics with digital advertising

When it comes to traditional advertising, there is only so much an advertiser can do to target specific demographics. Sure, television and radio commercials can aim for a certain region, but these traditional advertisements paint with a wide brush creating what we call waste, reaching those we may not necessarily want to reach.

With digital advertising, there are algorithms at play and specific strategies you can implement within your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and SEO campaigns. This allows for much more targeting when trying to target a certain demographic. A search engine’s knowledge is used to know if a product would be something a consumer may be interested in. This brings in more valuable click-throughs of a website.

#2: Web analytics and campaign evaluation

Every company putting time, effort, and money into a campaign wants to know if those resources are producing results. Knowing a campaign’s results is crucial in determining if revisions are required to help the company grow. With traditional marketing, this is nearly impossible to test outside of keeping track of sales numbers from before, during, and after a campaign.

Digital marketing, however, allows a business to utilize web analytics to get very accurate data on how many people are seeing their advertisements and, to some degree, how people are interacting with them. These analytics let companies see if potential clients are engaging with their ads, therefore signaling a successful campaign, or if viewers are simply passing them by meaning that the campaign should be rethought. When it comes to marketing, there are few things more valuable than knowing a customer’s reaction to an advertisement. Digital marketing provides this in a way that traditional ads never could.

#3: Company branding through social media

Social media isn’t just for celebrities and the younger generation. It can do
wonders when incorporated into a business’s digital marketing campaign. There are platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Keeping track of posting regularly and engaging with consumers on all these sites sounds like a daunting task.

However, starting off small and choosing one or two platforms for a specific business could help. If a company sells a product that is visually appealing, mediums like Instagram and Snapchat would be a good place to start marketing. For a more service-oriented organization like a legal firm or a finance company, social media that prioritizes informational text like LinkedIn or Twitter would be the way to go. Facebook is one of the most widespread and versatile mediums out there to brand your business. It is a great place to start for anyone looking to get their company on social media.


Taking the leap into digital advertising is a big deal. A digital campaign takes a lot of time, money, and resources. It’s easy for such a campaign to become overwhelming, but at Amped Marketing we have the solution. We will partner with your business to bring your advertising campaign into the digital age. Contact us today to find out more about how we can create an incredible digital advertising strategy for you.