3 Ways Your Business Can Use Videography

A line of cameras for videography

More and more businesses are learning how the inclusion of video can improve their marketing strategy. In 2018, according to Hubspot, 81% of businesses were using videos in their marketing. In general, videos are more engaging than text, and most consumers prefer videos over other forms of content. When it comes to video content, professional videography can make a world of difference. You may already know the value of well-shot videos, but you might not realize just how many ways you can use videography. Here are 3 of the ways videography can help your business:

1. Television Ads

When you think of video marketing, television advertisements are likely the first thing that comes to mind. Well-executed ads help consumers remember a company and its brand. It’s also easier for people to remember information they see in videos, making television advertisement a great investment. In the modern age, video advertisements can be on over-the-top (streaming) media or on traditional cable.

However you deliver your ads, professional videography is key to making a great impression. You can probably tell if a television ad was shot professionally or if it was just thrown together. You know your business, but our videography team knows video. Merging your expertise on your company with Amped’s marketing expertise can lead to outstanding television advertisements.

2. Social Media

You might think that videography in marketing begins and ends with traditional TV ads, but this is not at all true. Modern companies must work with digital advertising, and social media is a modern-day marketing essential. Well-known brands use social media to boost their brand awareness and get new customers.

No matter how engaging your text or image posts are, adding videos can boost your engagement. Studies show that a social media post with a video gets 48% more views. Videos also get more shares than text or image posts. Using professional videography to create video posts for social media helps you reach new consumers.

3. Your Website

In 2019, most customers engage with businesses through the internet. Companies are competing for the best engagement and the best conversion rates through their websites. With the market as competitive as it is, you will quickly fall behind if you don’t use all the tools available to you. If you want an effective website that keeps viewers on the page, videography can help.

A study by Unbounce stated that conversion rates can increase as much as 80% when a company includes a video on their website’s landing page. A video introduction can help potential customers get to know who you are as a company. You can also use videography to showcase products. Composing a gorgeous video to show off your product or service is easy when you use professional videography services.


If you are looking to integrate videography into your marketing strategy, Amped can help. Our video production team can handle every step of your video, from writing a script to shooting your footage. Contact us today at 520.777.8309 to start a videography project for your company!

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