Top 3 Industries for Aerial Drones

Image of an aerial drone flying over a construction site

Aerial drones are being utilized by the public and business sector as a new trend of the 21st century. They come in handy for highlighting subdivisions, a commercial or industrial property, a golf course, a construction site or an undeveloped lot. People and companies may use a camera drone because these have the ability to capture details of a property that simply cannot be conveyed through conventional still photography or video.

Aerial photography is growing more popular. Aerial drones are the newest filming product in the advertising agency because they greatly reduce expenses compared to traditional aerial imagery captured by helicopters. This affordable piece of equipment produces fantastic results. Why not record with aerial drones?

Here are three industries that can utilize a remote control drone to capture quality shots of their product or service:

1. Real Estate

What better way to show off a beautiful home and its property than with aerial drones? Potential customers want to view the house, the backyard, the front yard, and the surrounding neighborhood. While buyers can physically see the property, they can’t be everywhere at once. Aerial imagery can capture the entire property, leading to a higher close rate for your salesmen.

This tool helps clients visualize their life with a new home without having to physically be there. Aerial photos and videos are great sales tools that can increase the number of houses you sell. Breathtaking views of the town, as well as intricate shots of all of the fine details of the home you want to sell, are two great ingredients in a recipe for success.

2. Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts often advertise more than just their hotel rooms. The location of the hotel, the amenities, and the surrounding area can make or break whether your hotel or resort gets business. Utilizing drones allows you to capture the entire landscaping of the property in a high-resolution aerial photograph.

Luxurious resorts are often so large that they can’t fit in a single photo. This is where aerial drones come into play. This tool is a pivotal part of advertising everything your resort has to offer. Display aerial photography of your hotel on your website and your business will be booming.

3. Recreation

From amusement parks to golf courses to hiking trails, there are many types of recreational activities you may want to showcase. There is no more suitable way to capture an amusement park’s towering roller coasters than with aerial imagery. The same can be said for a golf course, as aerial photography enables you to see the whole course in one image. For hiking trails as well, aerial drones can capture more land at once than traditional photography.

By using aerial drones to photograph your recreation site, you will have clear images of all you have to offer. Small-scale traditional photographs can sell you short. This gives customers a better idea of what you have to offer. Aerial drones are an excellent addition to your company’s advertising toolbox.

Aerial drones are an affordable way to get exquisite shots of whatever you wish to sell. These tools are more suited to large-scale products like an entire golf course or a resort. However, you can still use them for smaller products like a car or a single home.

Here at Amped Marketing, we supply an aerial drone for your photoshoots and video shoots. We believe using the quality shots captured by aerial drones can enhance your product or service. Contact us today at 520.777.8309, and we will use our expertise in aerial imagery to enhance your next advertising project.

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