Top 5 Reasons to Use PPC in 2022

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If you are not familiar with PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. You know that you want your customers to reach your landing pages easily from any search engine, but you may not know how to do this. It can also seem like paying for traffic to your site isn’t worth it. However, PPC is one of the best investments you can make in 2019. Integrating PPC into your larger search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is essential.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use PPC in 2019:

1. Traffic from the SERP

The search engine results page/SERP is often the first place a potential customer will find your business. In fact, 93% of users start an online experience by visiting a search engine such as Google or Bing. Hopefully, you are already using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your placement on the search engine results page (SERP).

Google Ads, previously Google AdWords, can help even more than standard SEO strategies. PPC advertisements immediately put your webpage at the very top of the SERP for your targeted keywords. Studies show that 46% of clicks on the SERP go to the top 3 PPC results, so this investment can massively increase your traffic.

2. Audience Targeting

Increased traffic is, of course, only one of your goals for SEM. The cost per click of PPC ads is not worth it if your conversation rates are low. In 2019, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are both increasing their audience targeting. This means that the searched terms are only one factor in where your ad appears.

Audience targeting allows certain demographics to see your ads more easily. This means that it’s more likely that your ad will lead to a purchase. These targeted ads are far more effective than randomly placed advertisements.

3. Video Advertisements

PPC is moving beyond banner ads and simple text-based advertisements and now includes video advertisements. In 2019, your competitors are likely already working to integrate video into their SEM. You will benefit from doing the same.

Video advertisements are especially relevant when it comes to Over-the-Top or OTT. These are non-cable, video streaming services such as YouTube. YouTube is now the second largest search engine, coming in just behind Google. If you aren’t optimizing for this audience with PPC, you are missing out on potential business.

4. Not Just Google

When it comes to PPC, you will not reach all your potential customers if you focus only on Google AdWords. This is especially true in 2019, as more websites continue to create better and better PPC platforms. Bing ads, for example, is often overlooked, but incorporating Bing into your SEM strategy allows you to reach a wider demographic.

PPC can also go beyond the SERP. Social media networks are also essential to PPC in 2019. One big development is innovations to LinkedIn’s PPC platform. While this has a higher cost per click, it often yields higher conversion rates since it targets such a specific group.

5. One More Way to Reach Customers

Marketing your business should be a multi-faceted, multi-channel approach. This is even truer in 2019, as the usage of social media sites continues to increase. If you are relying on basic SEO tactics, you may get traffic from Google, but you won’t be reaching all the customers you can.

PPC gets you customers from the Google SERP, but it can also increase customers from Facebook, Youtube, Bing, and more. All of this improves the user experience for your website since you will be easier to find. PPC in 2019 is one more way to get the customers you want.

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