Tips For Print Advertising in a Modern World

Print Advertising

Many people overlook print advertisements as digital media is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Search engine optimization, website design, and online video and photography content are all the rage no matter what sort of business you have. While the sparkle and pizzazz of digital marketing are exciting, you should not ignore print advertising.

Many things fall into the category of print media from flyers, mailers, billboards, newspapers, to magazine ads. While all of these methods aren’t right for every business, there are certainly ways for your business to take advantage of the benefits of print advertising.

Here are five tips for making an incredible print advertisement for any business.


There are brand names that are so recognizable today that the name of the company could be taken from their logo and it would still be instantly recognizable. When a brand has a recognizable logo, they can more successfully spread print advertisements because there is a better chance a consumer will recognize the brand before turning away from the ad. This is crucial for quick-consumption advertisements like billboards and newspaper ads. This is where the advertisement is lucky to catch the viewer’s eye for just a few seconds.


When you create print advertisements, the ultimate goal is to get potential customers to purchase products or services. This means a print Ad not only has to clearly show what the company’s product is, but direct them on how to acquire the item. This is considered the “call to action.” For a store or restaurant, that call could say, “Stop in today!” Alternatively, a law firm or other appointment-based business might utilize a more literal call to action saying, “Don’t wait, call now!”


Every day the average American sees thousands of advertisements from all forms of media. To make your print Ad stand out, you need to find a way to make visuals pop. Some advertisements are so striking and innovative that people will show their friends. To see a collection of some amazing print advertisements, check out this list compiled by Canva.


A print Ad should focus on one aspect of the product and build around that singular idea. Think of Nike’s motto “Just Do It”, it focuses on the simple aspect of being physically active. In today’s world, it is essential to have an Ad that is simple and to the point. Every company has a lot to say about their product or service, but a print advertisement is not the place for every one of those aspects.


Print advertising is distributed in specific locations around the world, and locations are extremely important. Whether a business is looking for a spot on a billboard or magazine, the location needs to be planned. It will determine your audience and how you can create conversions. For example, if a travel agency was looking for a magazine to run an Ad in, It is better for them to find a travel-specific magazine rather than running in a local paper. By using location wisely, a company can target exactly the audience they are looking for.

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