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Advertising for Real Estate Agents

Why Use Drone Marketing For Real Estate?

The real estate industry is massively competitive. Real estate agents must constantly look for new tools to sell their properties. One of the most recent developments in real estate advertising is the use of drones. Drone photography is different from traditional photography as it allows you to capture larger areas at once. It can also make a great addition to videography, as it allows sweeping shots or aerial views. Are you curious about how drones can help your real estate business? Here are three reasons to start using aerial photography/drone marketing for advertising for Real Estate Agents.

1. Show the Whole Property

In traditional real estate listings, you need to use multiple photos to show the whole home or property. Even if you make it easy for potential buyers to click through photos, nothing can beat drone photography for displaying the whole property. You can also use drones to capture the home or building in the context of its surroundings.

Aerial photography gives you the tools to display areas of your property that traditional photography can’t capture. For example, an aerial drone can show the roof of the property from multiple angles. If the home has an expansive backyard, drones can show just how gorgeous the backyard is as a whole. Aerial shots include details that traditional photography simply can’t.

2. Virtual Tours

Buyers often want to know as much as possible about a house before a showing. Traditional photography can show the many rooms in a property, but it doesn’t always give the overall feeling of that home. Using drones to create a virtual walk-through lets buyers experience the home before even visiting it.

A virtual tour video can be a great addition to your online listings. This option is much more engaging than a series of photos. The sweeping motion of drones will make your videography look cinematic and professional. When buyers see this sort of interactive drone video, they will be excited to learn more about your listing.

3. Stand Out from the Competition

Real estate is a highly competitive business. With so many listings for homes or commercial properties, it is difficult to stand out. If your competitors are using regular photography, you can surely make an impression using dynamic drone photography and videography.

If your competitors are already using drones to shoot their properties, you could stand out in the wrong way if you choose to exclude the use of this technological advancement. Don’t lose sales because of boring or unflattering photography! Your best option is usually a mix of aerial shots, traditional photography, and video. This allows you to show off all the best parts of your properties.

Advertising for Real Estate Agents

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