Beginner’s Guide to Branding

Image of a laptop showing a stylized branding graphic

In today’s digital age, people are becoming more technologically advanced by utilizing new branding trends. Keeping up with these digital trends is imperative to staying ahead of the curve. In our new digitally enhanced era, more and more competition arrives daily into already crowded arenas. Branding is a way for businesses, products, and even people to capture an audience by showcasing a message. 

Why is branding important to specific business structures?

Retail businesses refer not only to popular shopping mall stores but also to department stores, superstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Retailers need to attract customers and show the masses who they are and what they can offer. Branding is crucial for the majority of consumers to quickly identify a brand’s message with just one encounter.

An example of a discount store is the ever-popular Target and Walmart stores. Consumers are already aware that these places are one-stop-shops offering customers almost everything under the sun. Because of their well-known reputations, these stores are household names. Customers have preconceived expectations before they even walk into the store. These expectations could grow so ingrained in the public consciousness that any changes are easily recognized and the public either welcomes them with open arms or completely rejects them with immense uproar.

Types of Branding

Food branding gives consumers an easy reach to their favorite restaurants. For example, do you ever notice how many Starbucks Coffee stores you see every mile you drive? Starbucks Coffee built a massive empire not only off of consumer dependency on caffeine but on the experience consumers get when they walk into any store. The efficient layout, jazzy and occasionally exotic music, and the warm, eclectic design of the seating area are all things that create Starbuck’s powerful brand image. Brands tell stories and engage consumers in a carefully crafted experience. That being said, The Starbucks Coffee brand doesn’t just stop at coffee, it is a whole sensory experience.

Service Branding is an interesting form of branding. Instead of a company branding itself, consumers become the brand. Good examples are the famous Apple and Nike brands. Most consumers already trust these brands so deeply that they can identify with them on a personal level, essentially making them a walking billboard. Although not intentional, word spreads like wildfire and creates popularity through their own personal connections.

At that point, these famous brands no longer have to speak for themselves as their history and message is now permanently interwoven into the fabric of our society. They are so ingrained into consumer consciousness that, even before releasing a product or service, consumers are already aware. Some argue that it keeps brands in check and holds them accountable to higher standards of quality. On the other hand, if consumers are already emotionally invested in a brand, slacking on quality potentially wouldn’t be enough to change anyone’s mind.

Cater To You:

Time and time again, businesses bombard the masses with images, ads, and videos. However, this is not always the most effective way of communication. Companies are either underproducing or producing a surplus of content that, in reality, don’t interest many people. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple solution. All that is needed is a reduction in the number of irrelevant ads and an increase of more personalized content based on consumer research. Like a ripple effect, it will cause a shift in consumer interest based on more relevant information tailored to what appeals to consumers.


If you are trying to convey a message through an image, there is no better way than to tune in to your audience’s interests. When you construct the personality of your brand around what reputation you want, you attract an audience that is similar. For example, a sports brand that conveys a healthy lifestyle would likely utilize more sleek, clean designs and focus on specific colors to help convey their message. By doing so, consumers that can identify with that clear message relate to the aesthetic and pair it with the lifestyle they want to live.


Set the bar high and treat your business like it’s the gold standard. Most people are receptive to a company or a person who can walk the walk and talk the talk. Most audiences are indifferent about advertisements, as companies pester them with ads on a daily basis. Audiences crave impactful change, especially change for the better. Connecting with consumers on a personal level and humanizing your business is a great way to cut through that indifference. Connecting with a potential consumer will eventually turn into an investment of their time and create a stage where you can present what you can do for them. When you set achievable goals, audiences will take notice.

Make a Brand for Yourself!

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