Top 3 Branding Trends of 2022

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Creating a strong brand is one of the best things a company can do to create awareness for their product or service. Consumers do not respond solely to products and services, but also to how a company makes them feel. Successful branding can make or break your business. It’s important to note, though, that branding is not static. You cannot expect to stop after creating a simple logo design. Your brand needs to be nurtured and continually adapting to societal changes to survive. You may have a good idea of what your brand should be, but without proper adaptation, new consumers will fall short. Even companies with classic, well-known brands such as Coca Cola need to adapt to ever-changing trends. Amped is on the cutting edge of advertising, and we are here to help you with effective brand changes to fit new and ever-changing trends.

Here are the top 3 upcoming branding trends of 2019:

1. Multiple Logos

While a logo should be consistent, the idea that a logo should always be exactly the same is slowly fading. In 2019, more and more companies are creating multiple logo designs for different purposes. For example, a business may have one logo for social media, but a simpler logo for its app icon. It might also be effective to use different colors for different advertisements using a company logo. This doesn’t mean that each logo should be so wildly different that customers can’t connect them. Each logo should have common elements, with just enough changes to adapt to different digital channels. If you’re relying on a logo generator you won’t be able to create the professional logo you need. Amped’s graphic design team will create a custom logo or logos to help you stand out.

2. Appealing to Millenials and Gen Z

Advertising has traditionally targetted older generations such as baby boomers and generation X. However, companies in 2019 are using branding strategies that appeal to younger generations. Millennials are now between 18 and 35, and so are gaining more buying power. Gen Z is young (generally under 18), but you should also consider them in your branding strategy.

One of the main differences between millennials and previous generations is that millennials are more drawn to digital marketing. Companies that wish to appeal to this younger generation will benefit from social media and online marketing. Creating an effective social media presence requires more than generic images and “cliche” written posts. Digital media should include blog posts along with shorter written content and dynamic, high-quality images. Amped marketing will provide you with expert social media marketing strategies.

3. “Phigital” Marketing

Although millennials and other generations are tuned in to digital marketing, effective branding is not limited to the digital realm. The term “Phigital” is a combination of physical and digital. Whereas previous years have shown a trend toward digital marketing strategies, 2019 will shift closer to the middle of the spectrum.

Phigital marketing acknowledges that branding cannot be wholly based on physical or digital strategies. A company can use a Phigital strategy to their benefit by keeping a consistent brand in physical and digital channels. Successful companies will include traditional print advertisements as well as interactive digital content. One example of Phigital marketing is the Coca Cola Freestyle machines. These exist in a physical space but include a digital interface.

It’s important to have an advertising agency on your side in 2019 who will know which branding trends are forming. Amped can help you create a strategy to help you succeed in 2019. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you reach your branding goals!

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