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One of the greatest benefits of custom photography is that it presents you with the opportunity to show visitors something they have never seen before.  When potential customers visit your site for the first time, their immediate reaction should be “WOW!”  One sure-fire way to do that is with original photography that immediately shows them something original and memorable.  This will go a long way to helping establish your own, unique identity and promoting the image of your company that you want in visitors’ minds.  With stock photography, that is just not possible because stock photos are used over and over again.


Think about the last time you visited a website and clicked on “Customer Service,” “Contact Us,” or something similar. Was there a picture of a customer service agent? Did it look like the person actually worked for the company, or could you tell right away that it was a generic, stock photo? Think about how you would have felt if you had seen a picture of the person who was assisting you. How much better do you think you would feel about that experience if it was?


Your website or blog will look way more professional if you have images feeatured alongside your text. Especially if your images are of high quality and original. You would also need these pictures to make your site look more appealing, thus achieving that professional look. This is crucial. Your company's image depends on it.


Social Media is the big thing when it comes to web promotion. With good photos in your posts, you will most likely encourage the readers to share your story. Posts that contain photos generate more likes and shares. Pictures are vital in Social Media sharing. They can be catchy, spark a social buzz and/or show off your latest and greatest product!