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The use of U.A.V. or Drone technology has emerged in recent years at the forefront of contemporary advertising strategy. This is in large part due to the great reduction in expense when compared to traditional aerial filming via airplanes & helicopters. Because drones can go where manned vehicles cannot, and at greatly reduced cost, the technology is ideal for many applications. For example, many real-estate agencies need overhead footage for use on their websites and for presentations. Whether you are highlighting an established subdivision, a commercial property, golf course, construction site or undeveloped lot; drones can capture details of a property that cannot be conveyed through still photographs or even actual visits.

Organizers & marketing coordinators in charge of an outdoor, sporting, community event or concert may need footage to publicize the occasion. Many people want drone footage of their outdoor weddings, family picnics or reunions, etc. Drones can capture the moment quietly and unobtrusively without the wind, noise and expense of helicopters. Whatever your needs, contact Amped Marketing's Drone Videography Services today.
Breathtaking aerial videography from Amped Marketing will add that extra touch of awe to your company's visual message. Amped Marketing owns two drone models at your disposal: The Inspire 1 and the Phantom DJI3. Each includes GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to ensure crystal-clear, stable footage. We can capture 360-degree video at resolutions up to 4K (4,096x2,160 pixels) at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps and 12-megapixel stills. Our capabilities range from exterior shots of commercial real estate and golf-courses, to overhead desert panoramas, to specialty "as-needed" shots required by clients for various purposes.
Capturing the footage is only the beginning. Amped Marketing's video production department will then take that material and add multimedia and written/spoken production as needed to best convey each client's message. This includes digital special effects, soundscapes, narration/overdubs or virtually anything the client can think of to best impress their target demographic. When it comes to drones, Amped Marketing has you covered!
Are you an event coordinator or concert promotor? Trying to publicize or convey the excitement of an outdoor occasion? Do you want to capture the moment from an aerial perspective, but avoid ruining your event and breaking the budget with the noise, wind and expense of a helicopter rental? The Amped Marketing drone fleet has you covered: Quiet, unobtrusive aerial videography with 360-degree crystal-clear camera resolution. For aerial coverage of any event, contact Amped Marketing's drone videography services today!
Anyone can take a boring picture of real estate from the curb, but the object is to stand out from the crowd: That's where Amped Marketing's drone fleet comes in! Only a drone can capture a home or property from all angles, revealing more details than even a personal tour or traditional "open-house" can provide. Since potential buyers spend a great deal of time browsing web listings before they decide to visit a property, it's imperative that realtors take advantage of drone technology to stand out from competing listings. Drone videography will impress them before they even arrive. Drone videography is an affordable way to showcase any home or property, but it's also great for empty lots or construction sites, highlighting the potential & progress of an upcoming development. Sell real estate faster with Amped Marketing's drone videography services- contact us today!
Amped Marketing's drone capabilities can be of great use in commercial applications. Some common uses include, but are not limited to:
  • Solar panels
  • Roof/building inspections
  • Agriculture inspections/surveys
  • Bridge/tower/power line inspection
We can give you the up-close view you need without the expense and risk of helicopters or an inspection crews. Contact Amped Marketing today with all your commercial drone needs.
Are you the adventurous type? Looking to do something bold and unusual? Are you looking for an aerial souvenir film of your adventures? Amped Marketing has you covered and can capture it all on HD film or high-res photos, without taking you out of the moment.
In the event of a car accident or disaster that needs aerial documenting, Amped Marketing can be contracted to survey the scene. We can capture footage or still photos for use by insurance companies, police & fire departments, etc. who may need to determine liability, conduct investigations, or reconstruct events for forensic purposes.
Not only is wedding aerial videography and photography from Amped Marketing affordable, but it can capture your most important day quietly and unobtrusively without the wind, noise and expense of helicopters. There is no better way to relieve those special moments than with a birds-eye view. However, the possibilities don't end there; many people want drone footage of their family picnics, bar mitzvahs or reunions, etc. Drone services from Amped Marketing can capture the moment, no matter what the occasion.